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APL sophisticated technology systems are strategically developed and overseen by our strong IT specialists and business analysts. The result: consistent, nation-wide and pan-Asia services, security of information and innovative applications successfully tailored to the specific needs of the healthcare product industry. APL's system: SAP ERP for integrating sales, operation and finance. SAP Business Warehouse for reporting analysis. Online communication with redundant lines for all branches. Hot DRC site for SAP. Centralized E-Mail with redundant lines. Online support for all APL IT users.

zip-onlineĀ®, or Zuellig Information for Principals, is our regional principal information platform which utilizes best practices in analysis and reporting to provide business intelligence, benchmarking, and daily updates on sales and inventory information that can be accessed online anywhere, anytime.

ATOP APL TO PRINCIPALS is Web Browser Data analysis (ATOP APL TO PRINCIPALS). Hourly, Online daily sales update by branch, SKUs and Customers. Daily national stock updates per branch, per SKUs.

Mobile sales information by SMS. On-line approval for special sales decision. Call Center to support nationwide process order, customer inquiry and complaint at local calling cost. Value Added Services & Programs, Tele Survey, Promo & Marketing.